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Here’s what the parents are saying about HFCC:

One of the main factors in the decision to send both our children to HFCC was the passion the Director and teachers displayed around the Reggio Emilia approach. Each of the teachers truly care about the children and take pride in their roles as collaborator, observer, teacher, and co-researcher. My children have thrived and grown because they are viewed as competent and resourceful. My daughter was fully prepared for Kindergarten because she left HFCC with a strong confidence in her abilities. Choosing HFCC has set both my children on a great track for success! - Corrine Bucher

I wanted to let you know how much we love HFCC. My husband and I have mentioned to each other that if we could have you extend your program to 12th grade, we’d be very happy! All of the teachers are absolutely wonderful…and you are the most amazing Director ever. The warmth and loving environment that we feel when we enter your facility every morning is awesome. I enjoy seeing the different projects that are available to the children day to day. I am constantly promoting the school to my friends with young children. I also like that you support healthy eating, and do not allow candy to be brought to school in their lunch boxes. Your constant feedback and interaction with us regarding our son’s development really means a tremendous amount to both my husband and I and is a key part of what we love about HFCC. We love to hear what he’s doing, and how he is blossoming. Our son has learned an incredible amount from your facility, and we look forward to another year with all of you. - Terri Koron

HFCC has so many strengths! The teachers are extremely attentive to the children--they are interacting with them all the time. The activities offered to the children as choices are interesting and varied. Although they seem like fun and games to the kids, they definitely all have some aspect of child development in mind. The kids are learning how to learn through playing, experimenting and questioning, and are being taught not to equate learning with memorization. I also definitely appreciate the attention paid to nutrition and supporting healthy eating habits. The parent involvement in the school is strong, and this also increases what the school can offer the kids. - Kristen Kearns

I have been overwhelmingly impressed with HFCC. This is my daughter's first year and I'm so glad her introduction to school has been such a positive experience. Following the Reggio Emilia philosophy, the program is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery. The curriculum is lead by the interests of the children and with all ages working together, the younger children learn so much from the older, while the older children show leadership and learn to express themselves in the many, many mediums that HFCC provides: art, music, reading, theater, science, and exploration to name a few. The teachers are loving and caring and really enjoy what they do. The operations of the school are very streamlined, and there is an open line of communication between the school and the parents with wonderful feedback on the progress of your child. My daughter has flourished at HFCC and I feel so fortunate that we have this opportunity available to us on the Coast. I cannot recommend the school enough! – Laurie Stein

We selected HFCC for both of our girls for a number of reasons:

  1. HFCC celebrates the spirit of each individual child - kids are all different and the teachers at HFCC help to make each child feel comfortable in the learning environment. If your little one is quiet, flamboyant, explorative, or a bit tentative, the teachers figure out a way for their learning style to emerge.

  2. The student population is diverse. Kids come from various family, ethnic and social backgrounds so our little students experience more of a real "community" when they are at school. Kids are exposed to different cultures and belief systems at an early age.

  3. LOADS of outdoor time (weather permitting). I believe that kids should be outside as much as possible, and that learning takes place in the INDOOR and OUTDOOR classroom setting. Bela and Gabby learned so much during their outside time at HFCC.

  4. HFCC teaches kids the ins and outs of social interaction and conflict resolution. These are lifelong skills and I LOVE that they have both rec'd a strong foundation in these developmental areas. I believe that they are equally as important as academic skills! - Jodi Davila

We love Holy Family Children's Center for a number of reasons. The environment is warm and friendly, and the teachers spend tremendous amounts of time and effort in getting to know your child and making sure that his interests and needs are met. HFCC is a happy, fun place that caters to your individual child.

We have seen our son blossom from a reserved little boy into a confident kid who is willing to try anything that comes his way. He has learned great social skills as well as the academics needed to be successful in school. This has been accomplished all through the Regio Emilia philosophy and the hard work of the dedicated staff. We have seen this method of teaching allow our child to learn, explore, and create through directed learning experiences that seem more like family time than school time. It sounds counterintuitive based on our own past educational experiences, but the constructivist approach to teaching really does work! - Cinzia Muzzi, Ph.D

We are thrilled to have our daughter at HFCC. We have watched her thrive in the fun, creative, stimulating and loving environment that they provide. Whenever we compare notes with friends whose kids go to preschool elsewhere we get the same response from everyone "You guys are so lucky to have a place as fun and creative as Holy family". After dropping off my daughter in the morning I am regularly on the phone to my wife telling her how amazed I am at the fun and interesting activities they have set up for the kids for the day. And the emphasis on organic and healthy snacks has been so valuable. I HIGHLY recommend the place. - Bruce Eliashof

Holy Family Children’s Center has been such a wonderful choice for our whole family. We had heard the rumors…”This place is so wonderful”…”Your child will thrive”….. “You won’t believe the HFCC community, they are so supportive”….. “The Teachers really care about your child”. Sure we believed it, but it was a hard choice for us. Our child was already enrolled in a wonderful pre-school and happy. Then one day, we got the call from Caren that we were in! After a lot of thought, we went ahead and made the move and found out the rumors don’t even begin to do the school justice. Our daughter is flourishing and has begun her journey surrounded by devoted teachers, compassionate families and a constant explosion of experiences! The staff has embraced our whole family and not only welcomes our eldest daughter each day but always stops to say hi to me and our youngest daughter as well. The teachers have supported our daughter’s emotional and social growth as well as assisted us in making decisions like whether to enter Kindergarten, which will affect the rest of her life. If we have a question or a need, they are always there to talk it through and find the best answers for our family. We look forward to our daughter’s continued time at HFCC and to the day that her sister can be an “official” student as well. - Christa Myers

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