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Our Mission & Philosophy
Our Mission

Our mission at HFCC is to facilitate young children's development and optimal learning in a safe, enriched and supportive environment. We strive to treat each child as an individual and expand on the knowledge they have already gained. Also, we feel that it is important to embrace their curiosity and teach the children the magic of wondering "what if" and "why" and to engage their spirituality through the awe and wonder so present in their lives.

Our Philosophy

Children learn by experience. Each child is unique and develops at his/her own potential. Our goal is to offer activities and guidance in the areas of social, emotional, intellectual, creative and physical growth. We believe that children should be exposed to a wide variety of challenges in order to arouse their curiosity and encourage self-expression. At HFCC our objective is to provide a place where:

  • Children like themselves
  • Children value themselves
  • Individuality is respected
  • Creativity can flourish
  • Spirituality is nurtured
  • Each learning style is recognized and nurtured
  • Families are held in high esteem
  • Love and learning abound
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